About Danielle

Hello! I'm Danielle. I've always loved nature, and being a major worrier have long been concerned about the future of our planet and its wonderful wildlife. This inspired me to study Biological Sciences, followed by a Conservation and Resource Management research masters. Since then I've been passionate about science communications - because how can we make a difference without it? I currently work as a Communications Officer for Birdlife International, and if I'm not there you would probably find me exploring outdoors, reading, eating chocolate or trying to force my cat to spend time with me.

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About Will

Hi! I'm Will. Like many people, my love of the natural world began with watching David Attenborough documentaries. Realising that all I wanted to do in life was work with animals, I went to study Zoology at university. After having a break where I worked in a wildlife rescue centre, I did a masters in Conservation and Resource Management (where I met Danielle). Since then I have worked on Skokholm Island assisting with seabird research and monitoring, and am currently working with the RSPB's Project Puffin helping to analyse photos of puffin diet. I enjoy wildlife photography and birdwatching, and spoiling our cat Smudge.

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