Life as a Skokholm Island Volunteer : Part 3

October 19, 2019

It was with a heavy heart that I left Skokholm Island at the start of the month, and I still feel at a loss now I’m back on the mainland. They call it ‘Dream Island’ for a reason, and I couldn’t have imagined before I arrived how true this is. You might think it would get dull spending 3 months on an island just a mile long and half a mile wide, but it still remained just as fresh and exciting on the last day as it had the first. It’s a combination of being surrounded by the ever changing and sometimes raging Celtic Sea, in blissful self-imposed isolation from the troubles of the world, living simply and appreciating the rhythms of nature that are so often missed in day to day life. Being able to see a sky full of stars at night, an endless horizon and the sun rise and set every day, and spending the time with like-minded people who are interested in and care about birds and conservation. Its all of this and so much more, a totally immersive experience, and this last post is about everything else that happened on the island besides the seabird work. 
Nature's Good News