Life as a Skokholm Island Volunteer : Part 2

September 15, 2019

It has been almost 2 months since my last post about my experiences working on Skokholm and the time has flown by. Summer has slipped away and the great autumn migration is now fully underway! The seabirds have slowly left us, although the manx shearwaters and storm petrels are still around for now, and watching the island change through the seasons has been one of the joys of living here long term. So much has happened it is hard to recount, so I will attempt to review the main projects and monitoring we have been working on.

Lessons Learnt at the 2019 Conservation Optimism Summit

September 04, 2019

This week I was lucky enough to attend two days of the Conservation Optimism 2019 summit at the University of Oxford in partnership with Synchronicity Earth. The conference was filled with inspiring films, workshops and plenaries, and I met so many interesting and welcoming people. Here I wanted to give an overview of the key messages I took away with me.
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